Outdoor Sex And Nudity Caught On Camera

There is a lot of skill required when trying to film someone without that person being aware of the fact that they are being filmed. Of course outdoor voyeur videos are a lot easier to film, as there are so many more places to hide. The following video clips come from websites that have gotten extremely good at finding places where people think they are alone. In the fgollowing clips you will see nude sun bathers, girls squatting in the woods or bushes taking care of their private business as well as some couples that simply get off on having sex outdoors. Must be the risk of getting caught that gets them so turned on. And caught they did get - we have the proof on video!

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The folks over at Risky Voyeur shared the two above videos with us. Apparently they know of a couple of spots where the local girls like to go and sunbath in their birthday suit. So they set up some cameras and filmed them! You will have to join their website, Riskey Voyeur, to get access to all their other videos of hot naked chicks sunbathing. These girls are completely unaware that they are being video tapped. If they knew that we have videos of them completely nude, they would freak!

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